Video: Restomod 1970 Camaro Built to Perfection

Classic Chevys have been the subject of countless resto-mods especially in recent years, their abundance, coupled with styling, and focus on driver experience has made them a class favorite in the classic car community. The Camaro has largely been at the center of this classic Chevy craze due to its reputation as a “small vicious animal that eats Mustangs.” It is also worth pointing out that Camaros were some of the most popular performance cars of their era resulting in literally hundreds of thousands of examples still left today. The 2nd generation in particular has been the focus of many resto modders due to the higher availability over the 1st gen, as well as the extremely unique styling.

This particular model is a 1970 Camaro RS, however, under the hood is something far more special than the anemic V6 that it came with stock. Six-cylinder Camaros are a disgrace to the all-American high horsepower muscle car dream classic or no, so the engineers over at Chevrolet Performance cooked up a design to inspire the hearts of many other Chevy enthusiasts.

The car now sports an LT4 6.2L supercharged V8 pushing out an incredible 650 horsepower through a 6-speed Super-Magnum transmission. With modern-day power must also come modern-day chassis reinforcement and handling to match, fortunately, the car is also equipped with coil-overs all around and 6-piston Z06 brakes which more than keeps up with today’s standards.

As an added benefit the Chevrolet Performance team also gave the car an upgraded black leather interior and an updated grille. The extreme focus on performance combined with the sleek styling of the 70’s make an insanely cool car that will smoke most of the newer muscle cars in production. What once started as an anemic V6 Camaro RS, finally became a car worthy of all of the hype surrounding the 2nd generation Camaros.


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