VIDEO: Richard Hammond Takes His Wife for a “Sophisticated” Drive in His New Ranger Raptor

Top Gear alum and Grand Tour Co-Star, Richard Hammond, is known for his eclectic taste in anything with an engine. Classic European exotics, late-model Porsches, bikes, muscle cars, quirky cars like those from Morgan, and others. If you’ve watched as much Top Gear and Grand Tour as we have, it’s pretty obvious that he’s also quite fond of American nameplates.

He’s owned Chargers, Challengers, vintage Mustangs and Harleys. He was even “forced” to purchase a 2008 Challenger SRT8 he had to review for the 2009 series of Top Gear while visiting America. Being “the secret American” that he is, it should come to no surprise that his latest acquisition is a Ranger Raptor from Ford. A brand new, and long awaited model, the Ranger Raptor is very unlike all of the Rangers that came before it.

Full of interesting and modern tech gadgets, a sophisticated suspension that’s also capable off-road, and many other interesting features. In typical Top Gear/Grand Tour fashion, however, Richard Hammond takes his truck for a rather unusual drive through the woods, with his wife, while wearing formal attire and heading to a classy party.

What ultimately ensues is pure Richard Hammond, and it’s quite entertaining. We could be like other outlets and give you a play-by-play, but what fun would that be? Check out the video from hammond’s own Drivetribe above, for the full clip!

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