Comp Cams Micro Surface Enhancement Newest in Camshaft Technology

By any measure of the sense, Comp Cams is the leader in camshaft development and design technology. Even the smallest details of camshaft finishes are constantly under development. Their latest Micro Surface Enhancement (MSE) has taken the finished product to new heights by finalizing the final product. This is now available on all LS camshaft applications.

Comp uses MSE to smooth the entire finish of the cam lobe face to an extreme level during the post grinding process. They are the first to employ this technology that improves performance, and at the same time increases strength. Tests have shown a 65-percent reduction in surface peak roughness and a 250-percent improvement in the effective load bearing area. Learn more about this technology in the official release from Comp Cams below.

Official Release:

COMP Cams® Micro Surface Enhancement

COMP Cams® is the first in the automotive aftermarket to employ a new camshaft finish technology for increased strength and performance that far exceeds traditional polishing.

Micro Surface Enhancement™ (MSE) is a finishing process that improved the traditional camshaft lobe and bearing journal through a 65-percent reduction in surface peak roughness and provides a 250-percent improvement in the effective load bearing area. Spreading the contact area between the roller and cam face allows for much higher loads and lower localized stress. Additionally, MSE utilizes uniform pressure across the camshaft lobe face that reduces the surface waviness common with other finishing techniques, such as belt polishing. The resulting camshaft surface more evenly distributes load for increased durability. MSE also removes the sharp edges and microscopic machining marks that normally result from the grinding process.

The MSE process is now standard on all COMP Cams® GM LS camshafts and is also available as a supplemental finishing process on other camshaft applications for an additional fee (must be ordered via COMP Cams® sales personnel at 1.800.999.0853).

About COMP Cams®

Founded in 1976 and based in Memphis, TN, COMP Cams® has become the automotive performance aftermarket’s “Absolute Leader in Valve Train Technology.” Our mission is to produce the highest-performing products possible, provide superior customer service and lead the industry in technological development. Additional information about COMP Cams® and its products can be found at or by calling 1.800.999.0853.

Features and Benefits:

  • MSE Available on All LS Camshafts
  • Reduces Surface Peak Roughness and Improves Load Bearing Area
  • Improves Strength and Performance
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