Ford’s NHRA Mustang Funny Car is the Fastest Steed Out There

With over 11,000hp on tap, the NHRA Mustang Funny Car is a definite way of getting your quarter-mile kicks! In a recent announcement from Ford Performance, Bob Tasca III climbed behind the wheel to pilot this rocket ship down the 1320.’ Check out the release from Ford, as well as the shirt clip below.

Official Release:

Ford’s NHRA Mustang Funny Car is the Fastest Steed Out There

DEARBORN – The Mustang has been a defining feature of Ford Motor Company’s stable for over half a century. It has defined performance, set numerous records and supercharged imaginations all around the globe. From the production line to the finish line, there’s no car quite like the Ford Mustang. Amongst the always impressive lineup of heralded ponies, however, only one stallion can lay claim to the title of “Fastest Mustang”, and that title is held by the Mustang NHRA Funny Car.

Without experiencing it in person, the might of the Mustang Funny Car is difficult to convey in terms one can understand. It’s not just the speed, but the rate of acceleration, the sound, the visceral feeling it pulls out of your soul when it leaves the line. Through creative camera angles, purposeful sound and firsthand insight from pro driver Bob Tasca III, Ford Performance has attempted to recreate the experience of witnessing the Fastest Mustang firsthand.


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