Summit Racing Equipment’s Vintage Ignition Wires


Restoring a classic muscle car, or building a throwback-style hot rod or truck can have its challenges; from getting the paint color right, to using which engine components are period-correct. we’ve seen it countless time, though, where the engine is almost perfect, but the spark plug wires are straight out of the 21st-Century. There are a few options out there to correct this, but the latest way is to source a set of Vintage Ignition Wires from Summit Racing.

Official Release:

Summit Racing™ Vintage Ignition Wires

If you’re building a period-correct hot rod, you’ll want a set of Summit Racing™ Vintage Ignition Wires. The 7.8mm wires have a 1,000 ohm/ft. resistance rating and a modern spiral-wound conductor wrapped with silicone insulation. What makes them cool is the lacquer-coated cotton braid cover in your choice of lemon/black, black/orange, or tan/black/red. The universal-fit V8 wire sets come with female socket and HEI terminal distributor boots, 90 degree spark plug end boots, and a coil wire.


  • Universal fit
  • 1,000 ohm/ft. resistance rating
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Period-correct for classic hot rods, muscle cars and trucks

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