Gbody Parts Announces Replacement and Shorty Shifters for Olds Cutlass and Buick Regal

Late last week, a press release slid across our desk highlighting two new products from our friends at! Not only have the reproduced the factory shifter that is found in the ’78-88 Cutlass Supreme and ’78-87 Buick Regal (including 442 and Turbo Regal models), but have released a “shorty” version of the same shifter.

We could elaborate further, but GBodyParts spells it out for us all in the release below!

Official Release:

1978-88 GM Buick Regal Oldsmobile Cutlass 4-speed SHORTY SHIFTER $269.95

We have reproduced the Buick Regal and Oldsmobile Cutlass Shifters. At the same time we wanted to bring back the “Shorty Shifter.”

We are bringing back the one time ever popular “SHORTY SHIFTER.” We used to use the broken neck factory shifters and replace with new Stainless Steel necks. We would cut down the factory J-rods and create a “SHORTY SHIFTER.” So what exactly was and is now a “SHORTY SHIFTER?” It is a shifter that is 2-inches shorter than a factory unit. It feels weird for the first five minutes. Then after you have used it you realize, “wow this is the perfect height!”

Let’s break down what this is used for and what the benefits are — first, let’s make sure if fits your application:

This is what it fits: 1978-88 Oldsmobile Cutlass/442 and 1978-87 Buick Regal Grand National T-Type and Turbo T with 2004R transmission.

What we have done as we usually do is find out what is wrong with the factory shifters and improve upon them. We did this while retaining an exact factory outwards appearance. What we used to do and what we are doing now for the SHORTY SHIFTER. The old shorty shifter had a stainless neck, so does this one, but it is now chrome for a better appearance. The old one had a factory J-rod that was cut and re-threaded. This one has a name which may be a blast from the past for some of you. We used the ultimate J-rod now for this new “SHORTY SHIFTER.”

For those of you who remember this from 10+ years ago — great. For those of you who do not, this is what it is; the J-rod is 4140 HT material, heat-treated and tempered. You will never bend it. Those of you with a trans brake know exactly what we are talking about. The Shorty Shifter also comes with a Stage Right Detent bracket. So now you have a Shorty shifter, Ultimate J-rod and the stainless steel Stage Right detent bracket installed and ready to go. What we have in the shorty shifter is perfect for a GBody with a trans brake. We made the neck in Stainless Steel — it’s much stronger then the OEM mild steel. It is covered with a chrome plating, and it will never rust.

The strength of the stainless you will never snap off the top groove with a bad shifter handle. Stainless steel pin is welded in and much stronger and will prevent wear from a shifter cable. Paint the lower base not leaving it bare like the factory. New J-rod spring. Slightly upgraded tension for cleaner firmer shifts. Painted so it will not rust. Aluminum J-rod adjuster to outlast the original and not strip or crack. This is just the beginning.

GBodyParts purchased Stage Right Transmission in 2017. We have been making the trans brakes and detent brakes since then. We have been doing shifter parts and handles since 2007.

We know what fails on these units and the aggravation of finding some of the parts. This unit after testing you feel like you are back in a new car again. The slop is gone and the shifts are tight. If you are running a trans brake this is a must.For a limited Time we will be offering our UPGRADED factory shifter internals as an add on for the purchase at $45.00 (normally $49.95 value).

If you need other parts we do have everything you can think of for your Buick or Oldsmobile Gbody Shifter. Please refer to our interior and shifter section.

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