GBodyParts Announces Reproduction Grand National Center Cap with Snap Ring


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Buick Grand National Reproduction Center Cap with Snap Ring

If you’re looking for a replacement center cap for your ’84-87 turbo Buick, look no further than this reproduction center cap from GbodyParts. It’s designed to mimic the appearance of the OEM GNX center cap, but snaps into place securely, so it won’t fall out of the wheel — unlike the OEM center cap.

As owners of these cars are aware, the metal retaining clips that keep the center cap in place on the OEM wheels, are done so relying solely on the tightness of the lugs surrounding it. Overtime, the metal retainer gets worn, and the center cap can eventually fall out — usually while traveling down the highway with the driver being completely unaware.

This new center cap from GBodyParts will stay in place, thanks to its unique snap ring design. It’s designed to fit in the OEM ’84-85 GN/’86-87 T-Type/T-package/Turbo-T wheels, GBodyParts reproduction 15-inch GN wheels, and GBodyParts’ reproduction GNX wheels. In fact, GBodyParts is confident enough to tell you that you can actually pick up a 19-inch GNX rim by the center cap, with this new snap-ring type design.

GbodyParts has also announced their new “Grand National” inlay for said center cap. The inlay for the center cap is an epoxy overlay with chromed accents. If you prefer a different inlay for your GNX style center cap, it can easily be swapped out for the Turbo 6, or a “GNX” logo for those running the 18- or 19-inch reproduction GNX wheels from GBodyParts. If you’re one of those running the 18- or 19-inch GNX style wheels on your Oldsmobile 442 or H/O, or on a Monte Carlo, GBodyParts has you covered there, too.

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