GBodyParts Offering Three New Products To Make Your Build A Little Easier

It’s been a few decades since the last car of the G-Body family rolled off the line, which means you probably need some replacement parts. Given the age of the platform, it also, unfortunately, means that parts availability is spotty. GBodyParts is the hero we need when it comes to a plethora of hard to find parts, especially smaller items that you can’t just order from an aftermarket supplier.

Their new release, and re-released parts are made to protect your investment by changing wore bushings, and other small parts designed for wear and tear. Learn more about these newly available parts from the GBodyParts below.

Official Release:

Reproduction GM Shifter Linkage Bushing

Made from high quality modern day materials, our reproduction replaces GM part number #10021797. Two are required per shifter selector; one goes on each side that your shifter selector rod goes through. We had discontinued this part way back in May of 2006 by purchasing all of GM’s Surplus. Of course we saved a few NOS units to re-manufacture, so you can get it here.

Shifter Linkage Repair Kit Bushing and Spring Combo

Shifter linkage Repair kit Bushing and spring combo. We now carry the hard to find New GM transmission shifter linkage cross shaft bushing with spring. This part replaces the white plastic GM bushing part number #1377083. The kit replaces the shifter linkage spring GM part number #10236109. The shifter linkage bushing replaces GM #10021797. These parts always get lost and many times are broken. Firm up your sloppy shifter linkage with these new parts. Fits all G-Bodies along with most RWD GM cars and Trucks with automatic transmissions, and you can get it here.

Radiator Top Plate Hold Down/Under Radiator Bushing

Last up is this GM part #371922 replacement unit. It’s suggested to replace when you change out your radiator, or install a new hold down plate. Two are required if changing out your radiator top plate hold down and four required when changing your radiator. Discontinued since October of 2008, and now back in stock and available. 62 MM cut out for your Grand national and other 3 Row GM factory Gbody Radiator.

Not guaranteed for aftermarket radiators larger than the factory GM 3 row. Get it here.


  • Hard to find parts for your G-Body
  • Made to factory specifications
  • Small parts are important to maintain or restore your ride
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