Hawks Motorsports Announces Trailblazer SS & 5.3L Relocated Oil Pump Pickup Tube Kit

The Trailblazer SS from 2006-2009 was one of the raddest performance SUVs ever made. Offering its owner RWD or AWD, and a 400hp LS2 under the hood, it made for the perfect street sleeper, family hauler, tow rig and multi-purpose daily commuter. It was the first proper performance SUV from General Motors since the beloved GMC Typhoon ended production in 1993, and the aftermarket took to the performance SUV like it was long overdue.

Unfortunately, there were one or two faults with the truck, namely, the oil pickup tube found inside the oil pan. Although sufficient for normal, daily use, once you started throwing the truck through some tight corners at high speeds or performed plenty of hard launches on the drag strip, many of the trucks suffered from oil starvation, leaving a number of these V8 powered Trailblazers stuck on the shoulder of the road.

There have been solutions to this problem in the past, but several have been faulty or costly. Thankfully, Hawks Motorsports have stepped up to the plate and now offer thier own cost-effective solution, which will work in all 5.3L/6.0L V8 LS-series powered Trailblazer/Envoy/Rainier/9-7x/Ascender as well as the Chevy SSR pickup.

Official Release:

NEW From Hawks: Trailblazer SS & 5.3L Relocated Oil Pump Pickup Tube Kit

Works for 2WD OR AWD Trucks! Trailblazer SS or SSR Trucks

Finally an affordable, effective solution to the dreaded oil pan pickup tube problem in the Trailblazer SS. With the stock pickup tube located in the front, the TBSS will starve for oil on hard acceleration, greatly compromising engine life. This solution is a custom, professionally welded tube that relocates the pickup much further back, allowing uninterrupted oil supply. This kit also includes splash trays and hardware (with drill and tap) to mount them. You may also weld the splay trays into place.  Also includes interior pan gaskets.

NOTE: This does NOT require the engine to be removed for installation, it can be done from beneath with the engine still in the truck.

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