Holley Announces Low-Profile Intake Manifold for Ford 7.3-liter Godzilla Engine

Official Release:

Holley Low-Profile Intake Manifold for Ford 7.3-liter Godzilla Engine

Ford’s new 7.3-liter behemoth of an engine has generated quite a bit of excitement from enthusiasts of all brands. As a result, Holley has decided to support this new platform by making sure you can fit it in the classic vehicle or kit car of your choice. This modern powerplant gives you plenty of cubic inches, but with less complexity and smaller physicaldimensions than most of Ford’s other recent engines.

The only drawback so far has been the height. This low-profile intake manifold, alongside Holley’s accessory drive and oiling system solves this issue easily, all while providing a cleaner and more customizable look by freeing up over 3.5-inches in some places and correcting the throttle body angle by almost 60 degrees. While the throttle body opening is 92mm, there is room to comfortably port to 95mm. With three throttle body options, sturdy cast aluminum construction, and removable lower panel, this is a must have for any “Godzilla” project.


  • Patent-pending design optimizes hood clearance for engine swap applications with gains ranging from 2 to 3.5- inches
  • Robust cast aluminum construction that will withstand high-boost turbocharger and supercharger applications
  • Corrects OE throttle body flange angle by 55 degrees for better intake pipe routing and clearance
  • Three throttle body options to choose from: OE 7.3-liter DBW, Fox Body cable-driven style, 2020-2023 GT500(requires adapter 300-903)
  • Runner design optimizes horsepower and torque in upper RPM range, especially when engine is allowed to breathe with better components (throttle body, cam, etc.)
  • Perfect complement to Holley’s Godzilla Accessory Drive and Oiling System for fitment into tight engine bays
  • Removable lower intake panel for additional porting, nitrous, etc.
  • Includes throttle body gasket and all necessary o-rings and adapters to mount to the engine
  • Compatible with OE or Holley accessory drives and OE or Holley Fuel Rails
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