Increase the Cooling Capability of You LS Swapped Camaro, Firebird or Corvette

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DeWitts Direct-Fit Brushless Radiator Modules from Summit Racing Equipment: No-Hassle Cooling for Your Classic Camaro or Corvette

DeWitts Direct-Fit Brushless Radiator Modules are an excellent way to keep your 1967-69 Camaro, ’67-81 Firebird, C2 Corvette, or C3 Corvette running nice and cool. The modules have a two-core aluminum radiator that are drop-in replacements for the stock radiator plus an electric fan/shroud unit for improved cooling. You can even get a module designed for an LS engine swap.

The 17-inch diameter SPAL fans put out 2,430 CFM of airflow and have an electronically-controlled brushless motor. Brushless motors are quieter, thinner, and more vibration-resistant than brushed motors. Most importantly, the fans are 82% electrically efficient, providing maximum airflow with minimal power consumption.

The radiator cores have two rows of one-inch wide cooling tubes for a 25% increase in cooling performance compared to a stock radiator. The cores are furnace-brazed in DeWitts’ own facility and assembled without epoxy, which can turn brittle and fall out. The OEM-style press-formed end tanks are hand TIG-welded to the cores to eliminate the chance of leaks at the joints.

The LSX Modified Radiator Modules are direct replacements for the factory radiator with inlets and outlets placed in the proper locations for the LS motor. That eliminates the need for complicated plumbing setups.

Most DeWitts Direct-Fit and LSX Modified Brushless Radiator Modules are available for cars with manual transmissions or with a built-in transmission cooler for cars with automatic transmissions.

You can order it directly from Summit Racing HERE.


  • Electronically-controlled brushless motor
  • 17-inch diameter SPAL fans put out 2,430 CFM of airflow
  • Designed specifically for LS-powered swapped vehicles
  • 25% improved cooling over OEM-type radiators

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