Restore Your Camaro or Chevelle’s Factory Looks with a Summit Racing Stencil and Stripe Kit

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Restore Your Camaro or Chevelle’s Factory Looks with a Summit Racing™ Stencil and Stripe Kit

Whether your just-painted Camaro or Chevelle needs OE-style stripes to return it to its former glory or you want to jazz up your unstriped rides’ ho hum looks, Summit Racing Stencil and Stripe Kits deliver the oohs and ahhs you’re looking for. They are made to the original dimensions to reproduce an exact, factory-correct layout.

Decal kits with self-adhesive vinyl decals are available these applications:• 1968 Camaro SS, front and side in white• 1969 Camaro SS, front and door in white• 1967 Chevelle, side only in white, black, or red• 1968 Chevelle, front and side in white or red

Stencil kits are designed to lay out graphics for paint. They include self-adhesive stencils and are available for these applications:• 1967-68 Camaro ‘Bumblebee’ front stripe• 1967-1969 Camaro Z-28• 1970-73 Camaro Z-28, low spoiler• 1968 Chevelle SS

Stencil and decal kits have a combination of paint stencils and decals. They’re available for 1969 Chevelle SS in black, red, or off-white. Kits are also available for Pontiac Rally II and Magnum 500 wheels.


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