Lincoln Continental to Receive Suicide Doors

Suicide doors are somewhat of a novelty these days. You see them on custom hot rods, but not much else. However, Lincoln’s 1961 Continental featured them, and that’s what made this sedan an icon for decades to come. Fast forward to 2018, Lincoln stunned everyone with the redesigned Continental. Coming from an all-new direction, this newest model is redefining sport and luxury. From the twin turbo EcoBoost V6, to the 30-way adjustable seats, the Continental is refined, plush, yet formidable, but on a grand scale!

“Grand” doesn’t even begin to describe the new Continental. This car is stylish and elegant without coming across as imitating any other brand. Many European and Asian luxury cars can only hope to be as plush as the new Continental. Now, rumors are circling that the Continental’s introduction was a flop due to poor sales, and that the Continental is being canceled. But that’s a rumor. Lincoln’s not worried at all, in fact, they’re just getting started. The Continental isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, because soon you’ll be able to buy a new Lincoln with suicide doors.

Suicide doors? Yep. You read it correctly. Before we go too far, if you haven’t checked out the 2018 Lincoln Continental, you really need to. It’s nice, and I mean extremely nice! It was designed with luxury in mind and a flair for style. Now, Lincoln will take their flagship up several notches with the door treatment. It may not add to the performance, however, it will add to the ease of ingress and egress, but beyond that, it will add tons of style points!

A new Lincoln with suicide doors is a nice throwback to the classic Lincolns of the ‘60s; cars that defined style and elegance. Today, Lincoln is looking to recapture that feel from back in the day, while at the same time, redefining a brand new look for style and elegance!

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PJ Rentie

Living in Richmond, Tx, PJ Rentie has been in the automotive industry for more than 30 years. This former Assistant Editor at Vette Magazine also spent time with companies like NOS, Edelbrock, Hillbank Motorsports, Classic Industries, and was an automotive instructor for Cypress College for ten years. In his spare time, PJ hopes to one day bring his Fox Body Mustang out of the back yard and back onto the street!

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