VIDEO: CJ Pony Parts Installs Cervini’s C-Series Upper and Lower Grille for 2018 Mustang GT/EcoBoost

One of the things about the automotive enthusiast culture is that modifications are encouraged! For as far back as anyone can remember, as long as there have been cars, there has been someone selling parts that allowed you to modify, or “personalize” your vehicle to set it apart from rest. These days, there are tons of companies out there that that can facilitate your need to make your vehicle a little more “yours”.

CJ Pony Parts is one such company, as they not only have a vast inventory of modification pieces for your favorite pony car, but they also supply repair and restoration parts as well. In this particular video, Bill Tumas from CJPP installs a set of Cervini’s upper and lower grilles for 2018 Mustang GT/EcoBoost. These upper grilles will fit any 2018 Mustang GT/Ecoboost while the lower will fit all except those equipped with a Safe & Smart Package, and adaptive cruise control. Look to spend the better part of the afternoon with the installation.

The install itself calls for the removal of the front bumper, which may sound and look intimidating, but it’s really not that big of a challenge if you examine the video. However, it would be wise to have a buddy present when it’s time to actually remove it and set it aside for work.

The kit itself is very complete and comes with all of the necessary brackets and extra hardware to make the install proceed very smoothly. One added touch that’s included is a black decal to cover the bumper if the car is a bright color. That way, it won’t show though the grille if you don’t want to. One other thing Bill did on his own was paint the radiator fins black to really accentuate the blacked out look of the grille.

Once it’s installed and everything is back on the car, the front end takes on a GT350-esque look without turning into a cheap mimic of the Shelby. It looks aggressive and sinister!

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PJ Rentie

Living in Richmond, Tx, PJ Rentie has been in the automotive industry for more than 30 years. This former Assistant Editor at Vette Magazine also spent time with companies like NOS, Edelbrock, Hillbank Motorsports, Classic Industries, and was an automotive instructor for Cypress College for ten years. In his spare time, PJ hopes to one day bring his Fox Body Mustang out of the back yard and back onto the street!

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