MLS Header Gaskets For 5.0L Coyotes, Intake Gaskets For 351W

Mr. Gasket is a trusted name when it comes to gaskets of all types for stock, restoration, and high performance builds. Two of their most popular lines just got a few application additions that will make many Ford owners very happy. The Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) Header Gaskets and Intake Manifold Gaskets now include two popular Ford applications.

The MLS exhaust header gaskets are made from thick stainless steel for the 2010 and newer 5.0L Coyote engines, and the Ultra-Seal intake gaskets are made for Ford small block engines. These are made to withstand the highest pressures to perform and last for a long time. Learn more about them in the official release from Mr. Gasket below.

Official Release:

Mr. Gasket MLS Header Gaskets For 5.0L Coyotes and Intake Gaskets For Small Block Fords

Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the expansion of two of Mr. Gasket’s most popular lines – Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) Header Gaskets and Intake Manifold Gaskets, both for Ford applications.

Developed specifically for 2010 and newer 5.0L Coyote engines, the three-layer MLS exhaust gaskets are made of stainless steel, .072-inch thick, and a perfect fit for 1-7/8” round-port cylinder heads. They’re built to withstand the extreme cylinder pressure produced by high-horsepower, high-compression turbocharged, blown, and nitrous engines. Stress-formed inner- and outer-layer embossments rebound under exhaust-flange clamp load, creating extra sealing force and maximum fastener-torque retention.

Mr. Gasket’s newest Ultra-Seal Intake Manifold Gasket Set is perfect for Ford small blocks, including 260s, 289s, 302s, and 351 Windsors. Ideal for use with Holley Hi-Ram manifolds and compatible with Ford 260-351W, TFS, GT-40, and “N” cylinder heads, they’re .093-inch thick and fit 1.40-inch x 2.25-inch intake ports.

For complete product details, click the following links:

5.0L Coyote MLS Header Gaskets
Small Block Ford Intake Gaskets

Features and Benefits:

  • MLS Exhaust Header Gaskets for Coyote
  • Ultra-Seal Intake Manifold Gasket Set for Ford Small Block
  • Made to Withstand Extreme Conditions
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