This LS-Swapped, Turbocharged, 700HP Honda S2000 Will Blow Your Doors Off!

For many, the Honda S2000 was perfect as-built. The simple yet sporty styling, extreme handling capabilities, and high performance engine created quite the following for the car. However, for some the inline four left a lot to be desired. Despite having one of the highest specific power outputs of any naturally aspirated engine put into a production car at the time, the ultimate power output was still under 250-horses.
At that point most S2000 fans would option for a turbo build and maybe a full engine build to inflate the power ratings of the 2.0-liter. While S2000 owner, Mason Whitlow started out with all the usual upgrades, the four-banger was still just not enough and when he started working at Holley Performance it became clear what he had to do to scratch the horsepower itch.
Whitlow procured an L92 6.2-liter engine, fitted the engine with a long list of Holley upgrades and a Boostlab turbo, and somehow managed to squeeze it under the S2000’s hood. Well part of it anyway, as the Holley Hi-Ram intake and massive 105mm throttle body stick up out of the hood. The turbocharged LSX power plant is backed by a built TH400 transmission and a Ford 8.8-inch rear end with 3.73 gears. With a modest 10-psi of boost the S2000 now produces over 700-horsepower and ran the quarter mile in the low tens on 8-psi of boost.
For the purist Whitlow’s Chevy powered S2000 with a Ford rear end may seem like blaspheme, but for speed enthusiasts like Whitlow it is as simple as taking the best parts available and putting them in your favorite car to make something that will literally walk away from the competition. You can see more on Whitlow’s LSX S2000 in this video from Holley Performance and with any luck, maybe we will get to see this extraordinary build at LS Fest at some point.

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