VIDEO: Aldan American Buys Shipping Container Find Nova, Makes it a Project Car

We all hear of those stories of barn finds, garage finds, yard finds, and even shipping container finds. More often than not, they’re discovered, hosed down, and then you never hear of them again. Such could have been the case with this particular ’70 Nova, but it didn’t suffer such a fate.

Not long after selling his prized Chevy C10 pickup, Aldan American‘s CEO and lead gearhead, Garrett Harmola, picked up this Nova from a friend. His friend discovered it in a shipping container, where it had been sitting for 30 years, untouched, and forgotten. Unfortunately, life got in the way and he had to cut the old Nova loose.

Garrett helped his friend out by relieving him of the Nova, and in turn, scooped up the latest Aldan American R&D vehicle. Despite needing just about everything, it appears to be an overall solid basis for a project. The Nova was Chevrolet’s entry level economy car, but it also made for an awesome lightweight muscle car when ordered in Super Sport spec. Garrett’s Nova isn’t an SS, but with what he has planned for it, it doesn’t really matter.


We can already envision it with a raw LS under the hood, backed by a 6-speed transmission, and a combination Aldan coli-overs at all four corners, paired with some suspension hardware from PerformanceOnline.

We’re also going to go out on a limb, and expect some large diameter wheels with larger brakes tucked behind them. There’s so much potential. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

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