VIDEO: Spoolfool Announces Carbon Fiber Bumpers for G-Body Regal

GMEFI Magazine has been digitally published since 2014, and just in that time, we’ve seen some drastic changes in the hobby and in the marketplace. Trends and fads have come and gone, and there have been crazy changes in performance and style. The focus is not just about making our cars perform better with increased horsepower and improved suspension upgrades, but implementing techniques that can improve the look and drop a few pounds off of our vehicles.

On the face of it, that’s nothing new — especially if we’re talking about late-model vehicles. But we’re seeing more and more ingenuity going into old vehicles too, like what our friends over at Spoolfool Productions are doing. Solely focusing on the G-body Regal, as of this writing, they’re designing, engineering, and manufacturing unique, interesting and visually appealing products for those who own 1981-87 Buick Regals.

In the past we’ve covered the announcement and release, and even the install, on nearly all of Spoolfool’s products into our own Buick Grand National project car. We’ve installed thier front a rear bumper fillers, turbo shield, Drip Lip, and one-piece rear spoiler. From fit and finish, to quality and style, and after nearly seven years of utilizing their products we’re still very happy with all of them.

Their latest offering is something to really  get excited about; front and rear carbon fiber bumpers that fit ’81-87 Regal, Grand National and GNX! Each OEM steel bumper weighs 65-lbs., these Spoolfool carbon fiber bumper covers tip the scale at a very svelte 10-lbs. That means that you’re shaving off a total of 100-pounds off of the weight of your Buick, when you apply both bumpers. They say that for every 100-pounds that you can trim from your car, should be good for about a tenth off of your quarter-mile E.T., so we’ll take it! Lowering the curb weight from your car also helps in the handling department, and could help improve your fuel economy, if you care about that sort of thing.

If you peek closer, you’ll notice that they’ve also eliminated the look of the bumperettes and bumper cushion, providing a cleaner look.

We’ve attached some product and install images here, but you can learn a little more about them in the attached clip at the top of this article. They’re not on the site yet, as of this writing, they’re that new! If you reach out to Spoolfool directly you should be able to order them.

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