VIDEO: Supercharged and Sprayed LS Swapped S-10

Bill Alvis from Tweakin’ Perfromance has a S-10 Extreme that’s far from a sleeper mini truck, as it announces its performance presence from far away. This small framed pickup has all the key elements of a street truck, including an LS swap, power adders, and the suspension to keep it moving. When he brought his S-10 to the LS Fest East 2018, the guys at Holley Perfromance got the scoop on the build for this video. 

This truck is a vehicle Bill has owned longer than any other vehicle — his wife of 25 years bought it for him. During the time of owning it, Bill has put several different powertrains in the S-10, and although he’s been to every LS Fest so far, the truck missed a few. He decided that he was not only going to bring it to the latest event, but he was going to content with it. 

As it sits, the current build is very new. Bill has spent the prior few months working on it at his shop once it’s closed to customer work, as he rarely ever works on his own projects. This is, however, a setup he’s been wanting to try out for years, and finally gets to use an aftermarket cam, blower, and nitrous in the truck to give it some real get-up-and-go. 

The core of the Chevy truck is the LS engine, which came from his wife’s Pontiac GTO — what a generous woman! From there, the engine got a lot of work done, including the addition of a Sniper Stealth 4500 EFI. Adding to the power of the engine is not only a Weiand supercharger for some serious boost, but a NOS nitrous system that feeds up to a 100 shot on demand. 

While it’s built for straight line racing, Bill offers that it does ‘well’ during autocross, and he’s taken it on the Hot Rod Power Tour for several years. Also at LS Fest is Bill’s 20 year-old son who brought his G8 out to compete in autocross racing. The Alvis family is a car family, and it really shows in this truck. 

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