VIDEO: BP Automotive Shows You How to Properly Rewire Your LS Coil Brackets

Our friend Bill Hillock at BP Automotive has been working with us fr quite some time, and has been at the helm of his company even longer. Based in good ol’ Kentucky, USA., Bill’s operation is growing seemingly by the day, and it’s no wonder, as he manufactures his LS swap and replacement harnesses in-house, using an American workforce and high-quality wiring.

We’ve showcased his videos and new products here in the past, usually showcasing his products in general or dropping a tip or a trick for the car builder. But every now and then, Bill drops a nugget of knowledge for the beginner, or for those who tend to tear their stuff down to nothing, then forget to put it back together (not pointing any fingers on the latter).

In one such case, he shows us how to rewire our LS coil packs after the harness has been replaced. Since it is possible to rewire these things wrong, Bill shows us how, step-by-step. This information will become very useful for those who simply want to clean up their coli pack brackets for a better presentation while at the track or at a car show.

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