VIDEO: BP Automotive Spotlights Customer Vehicles at LS Fest East

BP Automotive is a leader in the LS swap category, offering plug and play engine harnesses, software tuning, and other odds and ends to make the LS swap in your vehicle a little easier. For years, enthusiasts would have to rely upon reusing the old harness out of the wrecked vehicles they pulled the engine out of. On the face of it, it may make sense to do so —  it’s obviously the “correct” harness for the engine and transmission.

However, if the engine you’re sourcing is already 10-20 years old, then more than likely, so is the wiring harness that’s there with it. Naturally, you can rebuild an engine, but 20 year old wiring? Eh, not so much. Over the course of time, various heat cycles from the engine and transmission slowly wreak havoc on the wring.

Factor in various shade tree mechanics who may have had their hands on it over the years, and the fact that’s in a junkyard in the first place, leads one to believe that there could be cut or frayed wires within the harness. Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that it’s not the funnest thing in the world to chase wiring demons in an engine harness.

Now you can order a cost-effective harness off of Amazon or eBay, but those are typically made by unknown overseas vendors with little to no regard for accuracy, reliability, safety, or quality. The majority (most, really) of them are cheap knock-offs of harness from legitimate American manufacturers. You might save a buck, but what’s your piece of mind, friends and family, and not to mention, your car worth to you?

BP Automotive Founder and Owner, Bill Hillock, walks us through some of the vehicles that are equipped with his harnesses while at the 2021 Holley LS Fest East, in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Just as a way to say, “thank you.” All BP Automotive products are designed, engineered, assembled, and shipped right here in the United States by Bill & Co. themselves.

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