VIDEO: Florida High Performance Removes the Original LT4 From a CTS-V (3)

Florida High Performance has been busy cranking out some killer performance vehicles out of their South Florida shop. We’ve covered a few of FLHP’s builds in the past but one that has caught our attention at least once before is the third-gen CTS-V they’re working on. Destined for 1,000HP, it’s going to feature some of the latest speed parts that you can get your hands on. We covered the build recipe in the previous installment.

But first, the original LT4 long-block needs to come out, so that the 400+ cubic-inch billet stroker engine can go in its place. While this clip isn’t as “blingy” as one might hope, it does spotlight the crucial steps needed to remove the OEM spowerplant.

We also get a peek at the Circle D torque converter in the bellhousing of the transmission, which the crew at Florida High Performance use often in the cars so-equipped with an automatic gearbox. Continue following along with the build, subscribe to their Florida High Performance Youtube channel, as well as follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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