VIDEO: Installing a Holley Small-Block Ford Hi-Ram Intake Manifold

Now more than ever, have enthusiasts have been building and modifying their small-block V8 engines to a degree in which we’ve never before seen. With new high-flowing cylinder heads and intake manifolds, strengthened internal components and incredible, easy to use EFI systems, the sky is the limit on what you can do with an older engine these days!

The same is true for just about all manufactures, and especially Ford. Our friends at Holley have been dishing out some serious hardware and new EFI systems for these platforms forever, especially in recent years. In the last couple of months, they’ve announced a new 8.2-inch deck height Holley Hi-Ram Intake Manifold for traditional small-block Ford engines, and have installed one on top of the engine in a ’64 Falcon Sprint.

Holley’s own Scott McLaughlin, who happens to be Director of Sales and the Falcon’s owner, performed a step-by-step install into the car, from teardown to completion. Already utilizing a Holley EFI throttle body, and some other mouth-watering Holley hardware, the install was a walk in the park. So follow along with the featured video to see how it was done, and if you’re looking for more information on the 8.2-inch deck height Hi-Ram for your Ford muscle car, read more at Holley’s website, HERE.

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