VIDEO: Jay Leno Gets a Peek of the New C8

Jay Leno is one of the few hardcore car enthusiasts in Hollywood, and as everyone knows, is a huge Corvette fan. He owns several, and is always kept up to speed on what the latest and greatest is in the automotive world. He also hosts his own car show on CNBC, as well as YouTube, and owns his own car care product line.

Last Thursday, Jay was invited to the unveil of the C8 Corvette in California. Upon arrival, he was given a sneak peek of the blue example that was brought to the unveiling, and had his camera crew shoot a walk around video with Ed Piatek, the Chief Engineer for Corvette.

Going through some of the features and specs that we’ve already covered, Ed breaks it down for Jay a little bit further. From the 495hp LT2, the Brembo brakes, MagRide suspension and all of the other features. The C8 is certainly a step up above the C7 in just about every way.

Jay ends the interview and walk around with a drive of the C8 out of the building. We’re looking forward to seeing him road test the car in the near future. We’re also optimistic that Jay will be adding one of these cars to his collection in the coign months.

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Rick Seitz

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