DiabloSport Tuning Now Supports 2018 Dodge Challenger/Charger 5.7L

DiabloSport has some of the best consumer tuning options out there for late model muscle cars and trucks. Their pre-loaded tuning allows you to achieve maximum performance through the PCM settings of your vehicle. Their latest application to support is the 2018 Dodge Challenger and 2018 Dodge Charger 5.7L.

This tuning is supported through the DiabloSport exclusive Performance Kit package that includes a both the inTune i3 and Trinity 2 performance tuners with an unlocked PCM. Learn more about these new tuning option in the official release from DiabloSport below.

Official Release:

2018 Dodge Challenger & Charger 5.7L Now Supported

DiabloSport and MOPAR performance go hand in hand! We pioneered late model MOPAR tuning and we’re still leading the charge with first to market pre-loaded tuning for 2018 Challenger/Charger 5.7L. This new coverage is now supported on our market exclusive Performance Kit packages that pair an inTune i3/Trinity 2 performance tuner with an unlocked PCM. Our innovative PCM swap kits, that include a free unlocked PCM cross shipment directly to your customer, are also now available.

Consumers are looking for performance tuning solutions for their 2018 cars and DiabloSport is giving you the tools to meet that pent up demand. Please refer to the load sheets below to get your business stocked up with the latest and greatest 2018 Challenger/Charger tuning solutions from DiabloSport.

Note: The 2018 Challenger/Charger require an additional cable to allow performance tuning. This cable is included in the associated kits along with installation instructions. This new cable necessitates all new part numbers for the Performance and PCM Swap kits

Benefits and Features:

  • DiabloSport Now Supports 2018 Dodge Challenger and Charger
  • Pre-Set Tuning
  • Exclusive to DiabloSport
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