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Offerings set a new benchmark for absorbing and reducing vibration, noise and heat in automotive applications

HAMILTON, Ohio  – Dynamat Inc., the global leader in automotive sound deadening, has expanded its lineup with new DynaCore and Dynamat Xtreme products. Designed to deliver industry-leading performance, the new offerings join a complete set of Dynamat solutions for absorbing vibration, noise and heat in automotive applications.

Dynamat acoustic and thermal solutions are used by many of the world’s top car builders and restorers to add an extra layer of refinement to their builds. Applying Dynamat to interior sheet-metal surfaces makes cars feel solid and quiet. Doors and trunks close solidly, rain and wind noise virtually disappear, and the interior becomes a peaceful, comfortable cruising environment. With exterior noise significantly reduced, the desired sounds like car audio, GPS and conversations are enhanced. The new products offer heavy-duty performance in easy-to-use applications suitable for professional builders and restorers, and enthusiasts.

DynaCore is a new thermoacoustic self-adhesive sheet featuring a unique structure to both dissipate sound waves and absorb heat, making it ideal for use under the hood, behind speakers, in truck and heavy machinery cabs, and even as a headliner. Available in both half-inch and 1-inch thicknesses, DynaCore is lightweight, flexible and compressible, enabling it to contour for application to a variety of shapes and sizes. The fiber-based core offers excellent low-frequency absorption properties, thermal resistance up to 350 F and complies with common flammability standards. The facing is resistant to moisture and ultraviolet light for long life and performance.

Long the gold standard in vehicle sound and vibration damping, Dynamat Xtreme is now available with new options for automotive applications. Xtreme is a proprietary lightweight and self-adhesive butyl core with a special aluminum layer for vibration-dampening and sound-deadening performance. The product is easily cut to shape and size, and the super-sticky rubber contours better than any other product on the market. Xtreme bonds easily to sheet metal and other hard surfaces throughout the vehicle. Dynamat Xtreme is now available with 1-inch cutting grid lines for precise fitment and in new, easy-to-handle 18-inch square sheets, making it perfect for a multitude of automotive uses.

The new DynaCore and Dynamat Xtreme products are available now. Dynamat products are 100% made in the USA and can be found on the Dynamat store and at retailers nationwide.

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