G BodyParts Unveils 18-inch Version of Aluminum Grand National Wheels


G BodyParts is constantly keeping busy releasing new replacement parts for now classic G-body cars. Whether it’s a Hurst/Olds, Monte Carlo SS, or a Grand National, they have you covered with just about everything and anything you need.

We’ve featured a lot of their products here on our site and implemented them into our own long-running project Grand National. Of which, included their 15-inch aluminum reproduction wheels. Since then, they’ve not only announced their 18- and 19-inch GNX reproduction wheels, but now, have the opportunity to spread the message of their new 18-inch version of Grand National rollers.

Official Release from G BodyParts:

Grand National 18″ x 8″ (2) and 18″x9.5″ (2) Aluminum Wheels Rims (Set of 4)

We have an all-aluminum 18-inch Grand National reproduction wheel with center cap. Valve stems and lugs included.

Available in 18″ x 8″ and 18″ x 9.5.” Having rebuilt the steel Grand National wheels since 1998 we know all the off sets. No need to call and ask will this rim fit. We own a lot of Buick’s as well as drive and use what we sell.
The 8″ has 4-1/8″ back spacing. The 9.5″ has 4-7/8″ back spacing.

The wheel is fully powder coated black in the back. The inside outer shell is powder coated black as well. This is for brake dust corrosion protection.

The face is done in the correct factory black powder coat. The paint will not flake off like your factory rims.

One of the toughest things to do when converting from a steel wheel to aluminum is the lugs and caps. What we did was to use a snap ring cap. Think about how much you have spent alone on your factory Grand National caps. The new caps snap in. There is not a metal retainer under the lugs anymore.


The opening is 3-inches. You can install a T-Type, Grand National logo or a GNX cap if you want a different look. We have many center caps to choose from. Just search Snap ring on our site.

Aluminum weight savings? Yes, even with 18’s you have weight saving over steel. In addition, more rust!

Factory steel 15 x 7″ grand national wheel with center cap weight: 28.36 lbs

Aluminum 18 x 8″ Grand National wheel with center cap weight: 24.1 lbs

Aluminum 18 x 9.5″ Grand National wheel with center cap weight: 24.6 lbs

All rims are tested & speed rated. Crash rating is 145MPH. That is not the speed rating of the rim.

Most important: When you receive your rims they come with caps,lugs and valve stems.

The tire store will not be able to tack on any expected prices. You will go in knowing the cost except the cost of tires, mounting, and balancing. What other wheel you purchase comes ready to go? This gives you a complete fresh look.


Usually the first question question is, “will it rub?”

No the rims will not rub it is always the tire. We have a side shot of a 400-mile Grand National. The GN has 18 x 8 in the front with 255/40/ZR out back is a 18 x 9.5 with a 275/40/18ZR tires. You can put your finger in between the rear tire and frame. We will be adding more of our customers cars with tire sizes and suspension mods. We already seen a GN with 2 drop with 0 rub.

Replacement Individual wheel prices:

18″ x 8″ $367.50
18″ x 9.5″ $393.75

Replacement snap ring center caps are $34.95. We have picked up the 18 x 9.5 by the center cap already. So it would take a pretty good hit to knock it out.

Please send your installed wheel and tirte combo pictures to [email protected].

Thank you for your support!

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