VIDEO: Florida High Performance Extracts Big Gains from a 6th-gen ZL1

Florida High Performance continues to chisel away at the tuning aftermarket; offering high-performance  upgrade components, and full-on in-house tuning and modifications. While they dabble in late-model HEMI, their main focus is late-model GM; effectively, C6-C8 Corvette, 2010+ CTS-V, and 5th- and 6th-gen V8 Camaros.

With so much potential already bottled-up from General Motors, it’s easy to see why. Factor OEM boost into the equation, and rolling your sleeves up seems the most logical thing to do. With some tuning of the ECU, and a handful of quality parts to tap into the potential of the supercharger, it only makes sense to do so.

We’ve covered several builds of Florida High Performance in recent years, manned by Erik Bentley, but this one is equally as impressive. Utilizing a ported supercharger from Kong Performance, and designed to supply up to 1,000rwhp, it makes the OEM blower flow more effectively and efficiently.


A 103mm Katech throttle body went into the recipe as well, which helps feed that ported blower additional cold, denser air.With other modifications and some fine-tuning on Erik’s end, the ZL1 1LE ended up laying down 774hp and 709 lb-ft of torque to the rear tires. Get all of the details in the hosted video above.


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