Introducing the LS Swap DIY Stand Alone Factory Harness Mod Kits From BP Automotive

Are you like the countless LS swap guys out there, trying to go fast on the cheap and dirty? We get it. We love a great bang for the buck, but sometimes, it can be difficult to make it all come together when your pocket is full of lint. One of the key factors in an LS swap, with its proper in-place fuel-injection system (carb, really?), is the engine harness.

Sometimes you can get lucky at a yard or when you buy a used engine off of a scrapper online, but more often than not, it’s either pretty-well friend or MIA, entirely.

So what do you do? You give the good folks at BP Automotive a call!

Official Release:

BP Automotive’s LS Swap DIY Stand Alone Factory Harness Mod Kits

Are you the Do it yourself kinda gear head? On a tight budget? Thats ok! We have a complete engine management fuse and relay panel ready to go for you with installation instructions! True oem quality TXL wire used along with Delphi components! This is everything you need to convert your factory harness to stand alone! This item is not meant for someone with little to no wiring experience. You need to have a fair amount of wiring experience to properly install this item and convert your harness to stand alone.

As you can see it comes labeled and with a general guide for installation! The covers are also labeled on the inside with a legend of the location of each relay and fuse. 12 Circuit Fuse Block with 6 Fuses, Fuel Pump Relay, and an Ignition Relay. We also include an OBD II Diagnostic Port and a roll of engine harness tape. This kit will work for GM Harnesses from the TPI all the way to the LS9!  This DIY Kit will work for converting a factory harness from the following engines for stand alone, it will work with other engines, however – these are the most common this is used for these LT1, 5.7 Vortec, LS1, LS2, LS3, LSA, LS9, 08-14 Vortec Engines, and the ’99-07 4.8 5.3 6.0.

There are two different kits, with two slightly different price points for different customers; a Bare Essentials Kit, and a Deluxe, or Premium Kit.


*The Fan Relays, are fused at 30amp and cannot be fused for a higher amperage. Please take this into consideration if you have already purchased your cooling fans. As an alternative you can purchase our Bare Essentials kit and our Sealed relay kits that are fused at 40 amp. Bare Essentials DIY Part #1010 Relay Kit Part #SRK-001.

Wiring Diagrams are NOT included!  This is a DIY kit that is sold with the understanding that the purchaser has a working knowledge of GM fuel injection systems. 


Everything you need to convert your factory harness to stand alone

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