LS4 King Announces the First Ever LS4 Front Wheel Drive Challenge

If there’s one segment in the LS world that goes under-appreciated, it’s the LS4. The front-drive only platform certainly had its weak points, but that doesn’t keep enthusiasts from modifying them to the next level. We’ve featured some properly quick examples in our day, and they seem to keep popping up more and more.

One example that immediately comes to mind, is the Monte Carlo owned by Brandon Furches. Packing some serious horsepower and plenty of boost, his car has been making its rounds in print, and all over the interwebz. Brandon, founder of LS4 King, is so connected to the LS4 community, that he felt that it was time for an LS4/front-wheel drive specific drag racing event.

Official Release:

The LS4 FWD Challenge

This challenge is a unique opportunity for enthusiasts across the country to compete for a chance to win a cash prize at their own pace in a 1/4 mile drag race format. Competitors will have from January 1st until December 25th of 2020 to complete their project and submit a time slip with accompanying video verification of their best pass.

Competitors may submit as many time slips & videos through the course of the competition as they please and LS4 King will maintain a rolling scoreboard with the current pole leaders. In December the competitor with the quickest elapsed time will be awarded the 1st place cash prize. The second place competitor will also receive a cash prize.

Payouts and Rules:

  • First Place – 2000.00
  • Second Place – 500.00These payouts are based on the initial contribution of LS4 King and the accompanying sponsors. Throughout the course of competition LS4 King will announce additional contributions. I expect additional sponsors as the challenge gains popularity. If the pot continues to grow, LS4 King will announce additional sub categories such as “The Peoples Choice” award
  • The chassis used must be FWD utilizing a transaxle.
  • The engine used must be a production LS4 engine block.
  • Any transaxle, manual or automatic from any manufacture is permitted.
  • No restriction on power adders or displacement. Multiple power adders arepermitted.
  • No restriction on tire size.
  • No Tube Chassis Cars or 25.x Builds.
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