SC1 Corvette Series ShowCase for Ultimate Presentation and Protection


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SC1 Corvette Series ShowCase for Ultimate Presentation and Protection

CarCapsule is pleased to introduce the SC1 Corvette Series ShowCase ultra-premium vehicle storage shelter created with the Corvette owner in mind. The SC1 Corvette Series ShowCase dramatically presents the Corvette in an exciting and aggressive rake design emblazoned with GM Official Licensed Product Corvette logos. The design of the ShowCase follows the lines of Corvette and makes the car look like it’s going fast, even while standing still. For unparalleled protection, CarCapsule Technology seals the car away from dust, dirt, dings, corrosion, mildew, musty odors, and pests. The SC1 Corvette Series ShowCase sustains the immaculate appearance of the Corvette and diminishes the need for constant detailing upkeep. 

Designed to be CarCapsule’s best and most complete vehicle storage solution to date, the SC1 Corvette Series ShowCase is supported by a heavy-duty inflatable frame that features easy open zippered back and side panels. Allowing the Corvette to be easily driven in and out and accessed. 

No tools are required for set up, and no metal or plastic frame needs to be assembled. Simply layout the ShowCase, attach the patented pump and inflate/assemble the structure in less than 5 minutes. Once inflated, air pressure is continually maintained, and if there is power loss the inflatable frame will not collapse.

After working closely with the Chevrolet Corvette Team, use of Corvette branding was approved. “Corvette has always been at the forefront of innovation and the officially licensed Corvette CarCapsule follows that same concept.” Says Michael Stouffer, Corvette Accessory Product Marketing Manager. Corvette logos celebrating the latest Corvette to the earliest are emblazoned throughout the SC1 Corvette Series ShowCase, including the zipper pulls. 

The SC1 Corvette Series ShowCase provides unmatched protection against dust, dirt, debris, rodents and even accidental scratches or dings that can occur during storage. For protection from moisture-related concerns, 24/7 E.S.T. (Evaporative Storage Technology) continually exchanges inside air with filtered outside air to maintain an optimal environment within the ShowCase. Keeping the vehicle clean and dry. 

Other design elements include carbon fiber look and red accents, a Road Emblazoned Floor, new state-of-the-art Customizable C.O.B. (chip on board) lighting, and the IntelliCharge, which maintains the Corvette’s battery while in storage and integrates directly through the OEM connection port. IntelliCharge also provides a backup power source for the inflation and air circulation fan. Quality materials, and attention to detail makes it clear this product is well made and provides the best way for Corvette owners to present and protect their investment.

Of note, the SC1 ShowCase is also available without Corvette branding, making the SC1 ShowCase perfect for other supercars and luxurious brands. 

For more information go to or call (219) 945-9493.

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