Summit Racing Announces LS Mockup Replica Block For Swaps


LS and LT swaps are still super hot, even after twenty years of being part of mainstream hot-rodding. Despite that, some of our favorite companies to work with are continuously releasing new products for gear heads like us, to make things a little bit easier.

Such is the case with this new Mockup Replica Block from our friends at Summit Racing. Now it should be said that a lightweight mockup block for such a situation isn’t exactly a brand new concept at all. In fact, Summit also offers other versions made from plastic and foam, but this particular example is all new, citing a press release that just slid across our desk this morning.

Official Release:

Summit Racing™ Mockup Replica Blocks

Summit Racing™ Mockup Replica Blocks are light-weight and ship disassembled for ease of shipping and storage. The individual panels are easily assembled with tabs and slots for superior rigidity and accuracy compared to bolt-together types. Steel resists the heat from welding, so custom motor-mounts can be fabricated right on the block.


  • Easily storable
  • Lighter weight than OEM block
  • Easy to fit and maneuver to ensure clearance
  • Custom motor-mounts can be fabricated right on the block
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