VIDEO: SDPC LS6 Power Max Camshaft for GEN-III and GEN-IV LS Engines

When the LS6 engine first burst out onto the scene in 2001, it cranked out 385hp from its 5.7L powerplant. For the following year, additional improvements came along, which raised the horsepower level to 405hp. That power level was so high for the times, that the engine was limited to the C5 Z06 Corvette and the first two years of CTS-V production.

These days, you basically need to double that number to get an eyebrow to raise from an average enthusiast. Which is fine, because Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center has reworked the old school LS6 bumpstick for more higher RPM horsepower, and more low end torque.

In fact, using a Trailblazer SS intake manifold, a 92mm throttle body, and one of their new LS6 Power Max camshafts, gains of over 70 hp and 32 lb-ft of torque were had on an engine dyno. It’s designed specifically for GEN-III and -IV LS engines, ranging from 5.3L to 6.2L, without AFM/DOD or VVT.

Official Release:


For years, the LS6 camshaft has been a venerable upgrade for 5.3L and 5.7L engines. This modern iteration uses newer lobe technology and valve events to help prevent the loss of bottom end torque that was sometimes associated with the original camshaft in lower compression or smaller cubic inch applications. This cam will provide a great top end power upgrade in your 5.3L and all around power increase in your 5.7L LS1 or 6.0L LQ4 or LQ9.


This camshaft uses a 3 bolt timing gear and fits Gen III & Gen IV engines and is not for use with DOD/AFM or VVT applications.

This camshaft will require a valve spring upgrade. We recommend the LS6 valve springs, part number 19420455.


  • Intended for GEN-III and GEN-IV LS engines
  • LS6 camshaft grind, with modern improvements
  • Improved low-end torque over original LS6 grind

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