VIDEO: Chevrolet Performance Builds an LT5-Powered ’73 Chevelle Laguna

Often overlooked and disregarded, the ’73-77 Chevelle is still a very  affordable way to get into the muscle car hobby. With tons of aftermarket support at the ready, and a growing amount of restoration products hitting the market from companies like OPGI, the time is right to grab one up!

Clearly, our friends at Chevrolet Performance have been thinking the same thing, and that’s why they unveiled their ’73 Chevelle Laguna Concept at this year’s SEMA Show.

Sporting all kinds of modern hardware, including a Tremec Super Magnum 6-speed gearbox, updated suspensions and brakes, as well as custom body touches. On the inside, is a full array of aftermarket gauges, custom racing seats and steering wheel.

The party piece lies under the hood, though, with its LT5 crate engine, borrowed from the C7 ZR1 Corvette. It’s a brand new crate package that was also unveiled at SEMA, and like the car that it was borrowed from, also provides 755hp at the flywheel.

On its best day, the factory Laguna would have provided its owner with 245hp from its big-block, 7.4L (454 cubic-inch) mill. With the extra 710hp on tap, we feel the car finally has the power it rightfully deserves, and probably makes an additional 100-150hp that what the NASCAR race engines of the mid-seventies were cranking out.

For a car that has gone overlooked for decades, we think Chevrolet Performance hit this one out of the park. We’ve had our eye on this generation Of GM A-body for the last few years, and with cars of this caliber being put in front of enthusiasts, it makes us want to build one even more!

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Rick Seitz

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